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Engagement staff at the Royal Commission have been learning about ollies and drop-ins (and feeling very old doing so!) thanks to the Skate Advantage program run by RockNSlide Skateboarding on the Gold Coast.

Skate Advantage is an inclusive program that partners professional and qualified skaters with people with disability who are keen to try skateboarding.

Over the last few weeks the engagement team have been assisting with recording a video submission about the impact of the lessons on program participants. The submission also captures participants’ everyday experiences of living with disability and will be used to inform the Royal Commission’s work.

The purpose of Skate Advantage is to provide a safe space where new skaters can learn skills, and build confidence in a communal environment that meets their needs.

‘Skateboarding is all about fun,’ says Founder Jesse Noonan. ‘We have a noone-is-left-behind mentality.

‘Our students love our group lessons. We see huge improvements in their balance, confidence and social skills.’

Gold Coast Recreation & Sport (GCRS) have been involved in the Skate Advantage program since its inception and are very proud of their association with RockNSlide.  Akaisha Porter from GCRS said programs like RockNSlide are critical.

‘Access for participants to professional coaches and community facilities allows for greater skill development and inclusion of people with disability,’ she said.

The skaters in the program agree. ‘I live for this! I feel so good when I am here,’ said one participant.

And contrary to popular belief, skateboarding is not just for the young. Skate Advantage is open to all right up to the age of 50, so the Royal Commission engagement staff need not feel out of place!

Pictured above: Participants Kent (far left) and Adam (2nd from right) with Skate Advantage Founder Jesse Noonan (2nd from left) and the Royal Commission’s Tamara Weaver.

  • By: Akaisha Porter
  • Gold Coast Recreation and Sport
  • 20.01.23
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