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Membership of the Active & Healthy Alliance is open to organisations (including government, and not-for-profit agencies), and individuals with professional and/or personal interest in health and wellness initiatives on the Gold Coast.


A collaborative community with a vested interest in active recreation, sport, nutrition and physical activity. The key objectives of the Active & Healthy Alliance are:

  • To provide a diverse range of sport, health, fitness and wellbeing opportunities
  • To communicate cohesive, consistent messages to promote sport, health, fitness and wellbeing
  • To facilitate and foster cross-sector partnerships to support the adoption of active and healthy lifestyles, and position the Active & Healthy Alliance as the Gold Coast’s industry representative body


  • To develop the capacity and support the economic development of the sport, health, fitness and wellbeing industry

To attain these objectives, the Active & Healthy Alliance works to improve the health and wellbeing of Gold Coast residents by increasing participation in regular physical activity and making healthier choices more accessible.

These efforts support the Gold Coast to become one of Australia’s most active and healthy cities; a community of best practice in the sport, health, fitness and wellbeing industry.

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Our Commitee

Mona’s life and career reflect her perpetual desire to make the world a better place. She is driven by a passion to educate and inspire people to live happy, healthy lives. Mona is actively engaged in community life and a leading advocate on local matters. She is the proud President of the Active & Healthy Alliance, and loves connecting a network of more than 700 providers of health and wellbeing services across the city.

Mona Hecke

President monahecke65@gmail.com

As a qualified Dietitian, Teacher and Yoga Instructor - Kat quite literally lives and breathes health and wellbeing. Kat loves how the Active + Healthy Alliance brings likeminded and passionate people together to work towards improving social connection and health outcomes for all communities across the Gold Coast.

Kat Cacavas

Vice President kat@createdconnections.com.au

Sam is a passionate advocate for ensuring that all Gold Coasters have the opportunity to lead their most active and healthiest lives. Sam is committed to working with the sport, fitness and wellbeing industry to ensure that all members in our community can access affordable and regular physical activity to enhance their physical, social and mental well being.

Working in the role of Advanced Health Promotion Officer for Gold Coast Health, Helen loves working to create environments that will promote the best health and wellbeing outcomes for Gold Coast residents.

Helen Clifford

Treasurer ahagctreasurer@gmail.com

Being a Senior Advisor with Sport and Recreation, Qld Government, Chris knows that Queenslanders love their sport. He also knows we have a wonderful environment here on the Gold Coast to get out and get active, no excuses!

Chris Wagland

Committee Member chriswagland@hotmail.com

Kathryn is an experienced Dietitian, providing home visiting dietetic services and specialising in Health & Wellbeing for Older Adults. She is a Facilitator for Healthy Eating Activity & Lifestyle (HEAL), and runs regular programs at KDV Sport.

Kathryn Anderson

Committee Member kmttanderson@optusnet.com.au

At Gold Coast Recreation & Sport Inc, our mission is to enhance the quality of life of people with disability by facilitating opportunities for participation and achievement in recreation & sport. As Project Manager Akaisha is responsible for Managing Projects and Events that support the organisations mission.

Akaisha Porter

Committee Member aporter@gcrs.com.au

Alissa is a Physiotherapist with 12 years experience across Private and Public sectors. Her experience ranges from developing Physiotherapy products, building IT applications to use within the health industry, working with elite and recreational athletes and owning and operating a Physiotherapy and Pilates Clinic. Alissa's ongoing passion is to develop new and intuitive ways to make a positive impact in people's lives by creating and fostering their love and longevity in sport and health.

Alissa Williams

Committee Member alissa@runresilience.com

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Our Constitution

The Active & Healthy Alliance is founded upon its Constitution.

Members are encouraged to become familiar with the contents of the Constitution prior to applying for membership to ensure familiarity of the objects, powers and management of the Association.

Please contact us for further information about membership or to download a copy of the Constitution click here.

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