Susie Tagarro – Yoga, Pilates, Barre & Meditation

Barre, Pilates, Yoga Instructor

Susie Tagarro – Yoga, Pilates, Barre & Meditation

“Cultivating Kindness Through Yogic & Plant-Based Living”

A message from Susie…

Hey beautiful friends!

My hope as a teacher is that in my classes everyone always feels safe, no matter their level or experience. I genuinely love teaching & my hope is that you leave feeling energised & full of love! I always share with a heart-warming smile, and a few giggles along the way! I can’t wait to breathe, flow, & laugh with you too!

I’m going to be open & vulnerable with you… I’m really uncoordinated, exercise & sport used to make me anxious, & I had pretty terrible rhythm until I started teaching Pilates!!

But I’ve learnt that we can all achieve whatever we want if we work at it & move past the fear…

Yoga has taught me to accept fear, acknowledge it and move through it instead of letting it block my path. It’s given me the confidence to accept the person I am but also the courage to try new things! (Like becoming a Pilates teacher!) Yoga & meditation have honestly changed my life, my relationship with myself & my relationship with the world. Pilates & barre allowed me to feel even more comfortable in my own skin & taught me to share what feels FUN!

I love what I’ve learnt from these practises & I LOVE being a teacher & sharing these benefits with YOU!


Yoga 200hr teacher training (India)
Yoga Level 1 teacher training Essence of Living
Pilates Level 1 teacher training Essence of Living
Pilates Level 2 (Barre) teacher training Essence of Living
Yin Yoga teacher training Essence of Living
Advanced Yoga Philosophy teacher training Essence of Living
Bachelor of Health Science Griffith University


Vinyasa/flow, stretch, beginner’s, restorative & yin styles of yoga
Power, beginner’s, & seniors Pilates
Pilates barre
Plant-Based (vegan) cooking

Online Schedule

Monday night bliss – 6-6.45pm delicious & gentle stretches, breathing practises & meditation⁠. A beautiful class if you’ve never practised before, or have limited mobility/flexibility. This class is super gentle, easy and relaxing. A beautiful practise to wind down for the evening.⁠

Thursday night sweat & surrender⁠
5-5.45pm all levels Pilates – the perfect introductory Pilates class⁠
6-7pm FREE beginners community yoga⁠ – a beautiful class for beginners or simply a gentle flow for any other level

Friday morning burn & blossom⁠
7-7.45am barre burrrrrn – burn away the calories with this fun ballet inspired practise!⁠
8-9.15am juicy yoga flow ⁠- surrender yourself to the blissful juicy flow of this body, mind & soul inspiring class


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