Marc Webster

Acupuncture, Martial Arts, Tai Chi

Marc Webster

One of only two 6th degree masters in his teacher’s style within Australia, Sifu Marc Webster is a Gold Coast martial arts expert and Chinese Medicine practitioner.

He brings a wealth of knowledge, care and wisdom, cultivated over the last 27+ years, to ensure your experience of FitLife Health and Martial Arts is exceptional. With over 27 years as a devoted martial arts student, Gold Coast martial arts expert Sifu Marc Webster is passionate about what the traditional practice of Chinese Martial Arts can bring to a person’s life. Under Sifu’s direction, students of Circular Tong Long Kung Fu and Tai Chi not only learn the physical skills of the arts, steeped in tradition and combat, but also the morality of mind and deed that was practiced by the warriors of centuries past. Sifu Marc Webster may be a Gold Coast martial arts expert whose experience and knowledge are unparalleled in the city, but it is his kindness, patience and gentle strength that his students know and love him for.


6th Degree Red Sash in Tong Long Kung Fu and Tai Chi
Qigong Teacher
Stretch Therapist and Stretch Therapy Teacher
Masters of Acupuncture (UWS)


Movement as medicine! Especially through Chinese Martial Arts and related exercise regimes
Musculoskeletal conditions, trauma and pain, recovery and rehabilitation
Chinese Herbal Medicine

Online Schedule

Normally full time (6 days and nights a week) at venue.
Currently running an online program from Monday to Friday for members with 7 Facebook Live sessions too.

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