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Hinterland Bootcamp

“Mind, body and spirit transformations”

A message from your coach – Emma Eldridge:

My mission is to provide a healthy and active space for people to transform their bodies and their minds. My bootcamp crew glow from the inside out! At Hinterland Bootcamp, we are a community first and a bootcamp second. We welcome everyone no matter their experience and your health journey is important to all of us. You won’t lack motivation when you know your fitfam is waiting for you! We do everything from Circuit Training, Strength Training, Cardio, Boxing, Agility and Speed and also Yoga! We keep you accountable with regular Challenges and check ins. Today is the day you choose YOU! Get fit and thrive! Message me “active living” to receive my free at home work out guide!


Cert 4 in Fitness
First Aid
Boxing for Fitness
Female Specific Training


Active Kids
Mental Health Awareness
Total Body Transformations
Men and Women Active Living

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